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Create Women’s Project was established in 2014 as the result of a feasibility study and research pilot which was funded by the Big Lottery (who remain our core funder to this day). We concluded that there is a gap in provision and a need for new approaches in supporting some of the most vulnerable and marginalised women in our communities.

Building on our vast experience of working with marginalised groups and individuals, including and with a particular focus on women involved in or affected by commercial sexual exploitation and the sex industry.  We set-up Create Women’s Project so we could take action to support women in our communities to improve their situation.

We work with women from all cultures and ethnicities, women with health conditions, LGBTI women, women involved in or affected by the sex industry, and women who have no recourse to public funds. We have traditionally been able to reach out and engage with individuals and groups who may find mainstream services psychologically daunting, and we offer a safe space, and a non-judgemental listening ear.

All the women we work with are treated with respect,dignity and fairness regardless of their circumstances or situation, and all information is treated with the strictest of sensitivity and confidence.  Our support is non-conditional, and strictly confidential. Our purpose is to empower and support women, to make the changes they themselves want to see in their lives, and we work throughout the city of Edinburgh.

Our experienced, frontline team is here to listen to the stories of women who are trapped in difficult, often sexually exploitative situations, facing social isolation and all the complex challenges that come with survival of adverse experiences, abuse and trauma, including addiction and homelessness.

As well as one-to-one sessions using innovative ways to enable women to open up about their life challenges, we offer practical advice and support in areas such as money, benefits, childcare and housing matters, we also offer support which empowers and enables the women we support to work toward longer term aspirations, including health, education, training, volunteering, employment and self-employment.

The amazing women we work with are survivors, not victims; we help them regain their self-esteem by enabling them to emerge from the margins of society so they can take their rightful place in the community.

The wider aims of the Create Women’s Project include advocacy and campaign work, raising awareness of key issues, and influencing policy at both a local and government level.  The project also acts as a vehicle to have the voices of the women it works with listened to, respected and acted upon.


Dr Anna Dobai discusses her research at The University of Dundee, supported by The Scottish Government and The European Social Fund

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