Standing up for sexually exploited women


As well as our front line interventions providing help getting healthcare, benefits and practical support for getting into employment for some of Edinburgh’s most marginalised women (who are mostly living in areas of severe deprivation), Create Women’s Project also acts as a voice for the ‘forgotten’ women within our communities.

This includesadvocacy and campaign work, raising awareness of key issues, and influencing policy at both a local and government level.  The project also acts as a vehicle to have the voices of the women it works with listened to, respected and acted upon.

Create Women’s Project is championing a real movement for change. Why? Because as an organisation we believe that we are living in a nation where prostitution and the porn industry are distorting attitudes to women generally, ultimately generating a toxic culture of objectification that is becoming embedded and deeply damaging to our social system.  It is our view that we are failing as a society to confront the full reality of sexism at the core of the sex trade.   It doesn’t help that mass media representations of sex as a commodity profoundly affect young men’s thinking about women in prostitution and women generally.

We are at the forefront of challenging these kind of beliefs and fighting for the rights of prostituted women, many of whom have been illegally trafficked, some of whom are ‘debt bonded’ – with their passports removed and the cost of their travel from their home countries to be ‘paid off’ through sexual services provided by them against their will.

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