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At Create Women’s Project we’re not just about scooping women up and helping them get the benefits they’re entitled to (though both form an important part of what we do). We also believe passionately that the way to forge real change and boost self esteem is to enable the women we help on a journey to support themselves.

That’s why offering women free access to the Create Digital Skills programme can be a fantastic way of getting a foot on the ladder towards a new life.

Self employment and starting a business can seem like a far off dream for women living on the edges of the community, but our experience shows that there’s no reason why it can’t be a reality once other aspects of life are under control and a woman has space to breathe and heal. We have some amazing examples of women successfully doing this after getting some one-to-one support from us and guidance and business skills development from the wider team at our ‘mother ship’ Create Business.

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