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The primary purpose of Create Women’s Project is to directly assist vulnerable and marginalised individuals, women who have been involved in or subjected to commercial sexual exploitation, living in chaotic, sometimes dangerous environments, many of whom have experienced appalling childhood experiences and periods in care.

They are often trapped in a spiral of addiction, psychological distress and financial hardship; this spiral can be unbelievably difficult to escape from. With our help, women find the strength and direction to enable them to make life-altering changes for themselves.

Our approach is one of positivity, not crisis: once we have helped a woman stabilise her domestic situation and perhaps mental and emotional health issues, we can move on to develop their self esteem and life skills to equip them for a brighter future. We facilitate and host a range of social events, discussions, peer-support meet-ups, and employability and self-employment training courses for the women we work with.

The wider aims of Create Women’s Project includes advocacy and campaign work, raising awareness of key issues, and influencing policy at both a local and government level.  The project also acts as a vehicle to have the voices of these ‘hidden’ women it works with listened to, respected and acted upon.

Some of our achievements over the last 18 months:

  • 50 women have got involved in the project
  • Over £100,000 in previously unclaimed benefits and grants have been secured
  • We have supported 20% of the women we work with into self-employment and they are currently running their own businesses with our continued support
  • We have created 10 volunteering opportunities within the project
  • 27% of the women we work with have been supported into educational and training programmes
  • 55% of the women we work with have taken part in our social activities programmes

Our funding partners

Create Women’s Project relies on vital financial support from the following:

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