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Dr Anna Dobai discusses her research at The University of Dundee, supported by The Scottish Government and The European Social Fund

Exiting Prostitution

The work Create Women’s Project has done to date has placed them in a unique position, where they have been able to gather valuable data from a hidden and extremely marginalised group.

Thanks to Social Innovation Funding from the Scottish Government, they have been able to form a research and development collaboration with the University of Dundee. Jules Sheridan (Project Manager) and many of the women supported by the project have been working closely with Professor Nick Hopkins (Professor of Psychology) and Dr Anna Dobai (Dr of Social Psychology). This collaboration enables Create Women’s Project to make sense of the data they have gathered to date, and conduct pioneering research investigating ways in which women involved in prostitution conceptualise themselves and their social relationships with others. In particular the research explores ways in which such conceptualisations can impact on the process of exiting prostitution.


Exiting Prostitution: Insights from Create Women’s Project PDF >>

Preventing and Eradicating Prostitution

Create Women’s Project is a member of the Encompass Network, the Scottish network of agencies working with people who have been affected by Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE), and who have been, or currently are, involved in prostitution.

The purpose of the network is to share and develop good practice in preventing sexual exploitation, supporting those involved in the sex trade, and helping those planning to leave it. The network shares information on good practice and makes training resources available. Create Women’s Project acknowledge the value and importance of engaging with the different approaches in operation across Scotland and this has helped inform their approach. The Encompass Network recently published a paper which outlines the network’s proposed approach for preventing and eradicating prostitution in Scotland.


Preventing and Eradicating Prostitution PDF >>

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