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At Create Women’s Project we look for effective ways of reaching out to women trying to exit demeaning, sexually exploitative and often dangerous situations.

We know that this is never an easy process. Feeling socially excluded from the ‘outside world’; being under the control of someone else; having nowhere else to go; a lack of family and friends – all these factors mean making a fresh start can be very difficult.

That’s where Create Women’s Project comes in. We take things step by step, starting off with being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and helping sort out the practical stuff to get the women we help on the path to change.

We offer a safe space, neutral ground as a place to meet our team and other women in similar situations.  We believe every woman has a right to self belief and respect from others and a big part of what we do is allowing marginalised women to recognise their own worth.

At Create Women’s Project we don’t judge or look down on anyone, and we welcome and encourage vulnerable women from all nationalities and backgrounds to seek our support.  We operate an open door policy, so women can drop in for a chat or call us to arrange a meeting somewhere local to them – because we know that very first step is often the hardest one to make.

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